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Prosper Labs saves Time and Money with Demographic & Screening Questions

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"The ability to screen our demographic selection has been such a big relief. We previously did a lot of screening within the interview process of user testing, hence the amount of people who would get through and be ineligible was high and wasted credits. Userbrain's screening feature has been amazing for us!"
Prosper Labs's representative
Liam Copping

Quickly Sourcing the Right Participants

Prosper Labs uses Userbrain at the conceptualization ideation and discovery phase.

By making use of Screening Questions as well as finding the right tester Demographic, Prosper Labs can easily attain pinpointed insights through user testing with Userbrain. They can better understand competitors, the landscape where clients are at, what they are doing well, and what opportunities can be created.

"The features with Userbrain has definitely helped us speed things up, and let us know when and where to break out the magnifying glass for a deeper dive. Userbrain's Transcripts and Automated Insights has been incredibly useful because we can just segment out our insights into subsections of the demographics that we're looking for."
Prosper Labs's representative
Liam Copping

Faster and Easier User Insights

Previously, Prosper Labs had to work with a lot of pen and paper and a lot of spreadsheets trying to tag things and take notes, rewinding videos to make sure we heard it properly.

Userbrain has helped Prosper Labs to save a lot of time and costs in their research by giving the team the resources and tools to find the correct test participants and analyze their insights, across all of their clients. Tools such as Userbrain's Transcripts and Automated Insights have been incredibly to Liam and his Agency.

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