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How Polly Enhances User Experience with Consistent User Testing Feedback

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Polly started using Userbrain to get a good baseline for the overall user comprehension and a deeper understanding of user behavior. Now they use Userbrain in every step of the way for their product development.

"I use Userbrain for all my un-moderated user testing. I have one test that I run like clockwork every month and then I'll regularly drop in a prototype test or something else that might be in a specific workflow."
Polly's representative
Brent Miller
UX Researcher at Polly

User Testing = Product Improvement

By leveraging Userbrain's features, such as Prototype Testing & AI Insights, Brent is able to to get user insights quickly in each of his user tests. Resulting in actionable improvements being provided to the UX team and stakeholders every step of the way.

"I don't think there's ever been a Userbrain test I've run that I haven't taken something away that I would share back with the design team or stakeholders."
Polly's representative
Brent Miller
UX Researcher at Polly

Making User Testing a Habit

Regularly listening to feedback from your users gives Brent and his team at Polly a competitive advantage. By understanding their experiences, pain points, and preferences, Brent can make iterative improvements in designs and provide feedback to his team.

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