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How TAO Cuts Evaluation Time by 50% with Userbrain's AI Insights

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TAO offers a range of services primarily focused on management consulting, advisory services, and project management for businesses and organizations. TAO assists clients with identifying areas for improvement, developing strategies, implementing changes, and monitoring progress to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

"The AI Insights is so great, it's such a time saver. With it, we have been saving about 50% of time for evaluation per test. With this, I can offer faster, cheaper and better quality solutions for clients with user testing."
TAO's representative
Martin Funk
UX Designer at TAO

Efficient Time Management with AI Insights

By leveraging AI Insights with Userbrain, Martin significantly reduces the time spent on manual tasks during his analyzation process. Thus directly benefitting his personal schedule and company's cost-effectiveness.

"We have a FigJam white-board and we group the insights into positive, negative and neutral findings. I'm able to send our clients the insights and then they can keep the link like forever as long as the internet works."

User Insight Sharing Made Easy

Sharing insights and findings with clients, stakeholders and colleagues has never been easier with Userbrain's Clips and video sharing options, ensuring seamless collaboration and long-term accessibility.

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