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Choosing between Userfeel and Userbrain for your user testing needs? Our side-by-side comparison of Userfeel vs. Userbrain outlines 8 key differences to help you decide the platform that aligns best with your business:

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1. Pay-as-you-go vs. subscription flexibility

Userfeel provides a pay-as-you-go model, enabling you to purchase individual tests without a subscription. Conversely, Userbrain offers both pay-as-you-go and subscription plans, presenting you with greater flexibility to select a plan aligning with your business needs.

2. Userbrain's focus on English, Spanish, and German testing

Userbrain provides high-quality user testing in English, catering to businesses primarily targeting English-speaking users. Headquartered in Austria (the heart of Europe!) Userbrain also has a large pool of Spanish-speaking and German-speaking testers, ensuring reliable and valuable insights.

3. Transparent pricing for both platforms

Userfeel and Userbrain offer transparent pricing, making costs clear. No hidden fees – you know exactly what you're paying for.

4. Comprehensive features for all Userbrain users

Userbrain provides all its features, including access to a global pool of testers and the ability to specify testers by device type, language, age, gender, and region, regardless of your subscription. Userfeel provides a variety of features too, but Userbrain's all-inclusive approach guarantees you have everything for unmoderated remote user tests.

5. Userbrain's AI Insights Feature

Userbrain’s AI assistant enhances your testing process by discovering UX insights and generating time-stamped notes. This not only saves time but also includes all AI insights and notes in the report automatically, enriching your analysis.

6. Userbrain's efficient tester pool

While Userfeel has a large tester pool, Userbrain focuses on quality, maintaining a pool of over 120k+ qualified testers with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. This ensures valuable insights from testers adept at providing actionable feedback.

7. Simple, efficient user testing with Userbrain

Userbrain focuses on simplicity with a clean interface for optimal user testing. While Userfeel offers a user-friendly platform, Userbrain's streamlined experience is appealing to those seeking efficiency.

8. Automation for regular user testing

Userbrain emphasizes frequent user testing, offering automated testing options with its subscription plans. This feature encourages user testing as a habit, without the need to schedule tests manually. Userfeel offers a powerful platform but doesn't emphasize automated testing as Userbrain does.

9. Userbrain's commitment to tester availability

Userbrain guarantees tester availability. If specific targeting criteria cannot be met, Userbrain won't offer those options, preventing time wastage waiting for unavailable testers. While Userfeel offers a large tester pool, Userbrain's transparency about tester availability stands out.

Both Userfeel and Userbrain have their strengths and unique features. With its focus on English language testing, comprehensive features for all users, efficient tester pool, AI insights, and a commitment to simplicity and automation, Userbrain is an attractive choice for businesses seeking a streamlined and efficient user testing experience.

Start your free trial with Userbrain and experience the difference for yourself. Still have some unanswered questions? Schedule a call with the Userbrain team.

Best in industry for easy user testing

“From start to finish it’s been absolutely phenomenal. I really do enjoy how easy it is to utilize this software, not only is it simple but extremely easy to learn in very straightforward.”
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Joshua A.

Excellent service and very easy to use

“Really like the experience, and happy to continue using this service. This is really easy to use, and you can get the videos within a matter of hours after deciding to test. The customer service is excellent, with the team getting back to you really quickly - and happy to give you replacement tests if any don’t work out technically.”
Thomas L.
Head of Communications

Userbrain is elegantly simple

“The customer service has been excellent — in the rare case we had a bad user test, they quickly refunded the credit.”
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Paul Doerwald
Founder and CEO of Clockk
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