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Thinking about making the switch from UserTesting to Userbrain? We wanted to make the decision a little easier for you and decided to compare UserTesting vs. Userbrain side by side, black on white. So you can decide which one best suits your business on your own accord. These are 8 ways Userbrain and UserTesting differ:

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1. Register and go vs. tedious onboarding

Getting your first results with Userbrain is faster than figuring out what UserTesting offers. You can create an account and start testing within minutes.

Whereas with UserTesting the procedure is more of a pain: on top of registering your details you will also have to schedule a phone call with the UserTesting sales team and receive a product demo.

2. Stay flexible with Userbrain

UserTesting only offers annual contracts while Userbrain comes with a pay-as-you-go option or a monthly subscription. No long-term contracts or commitments, just create an account and use Userbrain as much or as little as your business needs. Because nowadays, flexibility is key – right?

3. Transparent standard pricing vs. private offers

Turns out that UserTesting actually doesn’t have any prices listed on their website. When it comes to Userbrain we are transparent about what services you get and how much you’re going to pay for them.

On our pricing page, you’ll quickly find that our prices are as clear as day. Whether you’re a corporation or a one-woman/man show - everyone pays the same.

3. Same user testing services & features for everyone

With Userbrain you get to make use of all of our features you need for unmoderated remote user tests including access to a worldwide pool of testers and the option to specify your participants by device type, language, age, gender and region – no matter what subscription you’ve signed up for.

UserTesting, on the other hand, is not very clear about what they’re actually offering and what exactly that would cost. A Userbrain customer recently mentioned to us that he would be able to afford to test with UserTesting but he just hates the idea of paying for features he might not end up using. A valid point made we reckon.

6. A more efficient way of user testing

Speaking of features– we’re firm believers in keeping things simple, efficient and effective. This is why we have designed Userbrain’s interface clean and optimized for efficient user testing. Focusing on what really matters and implementing useful features such as commenting and automated testing, for a smooth and efficient process.

UserTesting offers an endless set of features that turn out to be shiny objects. Instead of being empowered, you end up being one thing – overwhelmed.

7. Automated user testing vs. manual

To really get results, user testing should be carried out frequently and at regular intervals. Which is why we have enabled automated testing with Userbrain. With our subscription plans you can turn user tests into a habit, you won’t forget to keep up.

UserTesting on the other hand remains old school – schedule and plan tests manually, brainwork that really isn’t necessary in our eyes.

8. At Userbrain we keep our promise

A big difference between Userbrain and UserTesting is that we only offer and sell what we can actually deliver.

At UserTesting you can choose to test with participants who are, for example; managing a team, are at least VP level, between 18 and 25 years old, and live in Poland. While reality has shown the fact that UserTesting might not actually have someone in their pool of testers that fit these criteria. Only days later you receive an email to inform you that they couldn’t find anyone.

Which is just a waste of everyone’s time and energy, isn’t it?

Userbrain immediately shows you whether there are enough people in our pool to fit your targeting criteria – and if there aren’t, we won’t offer you this option. Simple as.

Just a few more reasons to make the switch…

Best in industry for easy user testing

“From start to finish it’s been absolutely phenomenal. I really do enjoy how easy it is to utilize this software, not only is it simple but extremely easy to learn in very straightforward.”
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Joshua A.

Excellent service and very easy to use

“Really like the experience, and happy to continue using this service. This is really easy to use, and you can get the videos within a matter of hours after deciding to test. The customer service is excellent, with the team getting back to you really quickly - and happy to give you replacement tests if any don’t work out technically.”
Thomas L.
Head of Communications

Easy and fast

“Really quick to get started and the interface is super user friendly. Also, the responses starting coming in within an hour of test launch and he quality of the respondents seems pretty good.”
Damon B.

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