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Get started with preset templates for ecommerce, booking, and more. Choose different task types for users to complete.

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Our free trial doesn’t require a credit card. Try Userbrain and choose your perfect pricing plan once you’re ready.

How to use templates:

Test instruction editor first step: Set test name, url and language
Test instruction editor second step: Click on show templates
Test instruction editor third step: Select a template

Task types you can choose from:

Lines of text


Describe what you want user testers to do in long-form written text.


Rating scale

Let them give a star rating, or create your very own scale.

Checked checkbox

Multiple choice

Let them choose more than one answer.

Selected radio button

Single choice

Give them one choice only.

A big and a small letter

Written response

Collect written responses.

An arrow pointing to the right


Direct them to another page.

Still got questions?

If you can link to it, you can test it. Test an array of live websites, those under development, early prototypes, or even competitor's sites. Our testers use either their smartphones, desktops, or tablet devices.
The delivery of tests is affected by a few factors. Depending on the time of day, the device type, and the language, the response time may vary.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you’re not happy with a test, we’ll send you a new one.
You can assign and combine as many task types as you like. User tests carried out with one credit do, however, have a 20 minute time limit, so we recommend selecting anywhere between 3-5 task types for the test to be doable.
If you’re not sure what task type to assign, flick through and filter our examples for inspiration on what might suit your user test best.

Want to get set up in minutes?

More features Userbrain has to offer:

Set up in minutes
Set up in minutes
Get access in just a few clicks with easy sign-up, preset templates, and task types.
Access 100k+ user testers
Access 100k+ user testers
Tap into our pool of quality assured user testers — target demographics and use screening questions to find the right users.
Invite your own testers
Invite your own testers
Share a test link with your customers or friends — get them to user test.
Analyze your user tests
Analyze your user tests
Easily spot usability problems and get UX insights by watching and analyzing user test videos.
Collaborate with your team
Collaborate with your team
With Userbrain, it’s easy to get info with comments and downloads to the right people.
Schedule regular testing
Schedule regular testing
Keep your ear to the ground and build empathy by making user testing a habit.