Userlytics vs. Userbrain

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Looking for a UX testing tool and comparing your options? We get it; everyone wants to compare and decide what best suits their company’s needs. We wanted to make things a little easier for you. So comparing the two is easier, here are 6 ways Userlytics and Userbrain differ:

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1. Pay a fraction of the cost with Userbrain

At Userbrain you pay $39 per test, and only $29.9 per test (or even less if billed annually) when you choose one of our plans. Compared to Userlytics - where you pay up to 99 dollars for each test - that’s a fraction of the cost.

2. Simple pricing vs complexity

Userlytics has a rather complex and hard-to-figure-out pricing system. When it comes to Userbrain we are transparent about what services you get and how much you’re going to pay for them.

3. Credit rollover vs losing out

Userlytics and Userbrain both have a credit system. One credit = 1 UX test. When you subscribe to a monthly plan, you get a certain number of credits assigned to your account every single month. All good so far.

As a founding team of UX Designers, we know that things can change and you might not need as many tests every month. Should some of your credits go unused one month - they’ll roll over to the next. Ensuring you’ll never lose out or pay for a service your not making use of.

4. Limited availability

Userlytics videos onlys remain available to you for 90 days - which is not a very long time. At Userbrain we don’t ever remove your test videos, you can view them for as long as you want - as many times as you want.

5. Standard user testing features

At Userbrain you have access to all features needed to carry out standard unmoderated remote user tests and access to our worldwide pool of testers. No matter what you signed up for - while Userlytics will unlock features, depending on your subscription plan.

6. Automated user testing vs. manual

To know what’s working or not, you should carry out user tests more than once -even better - at regular intervals. With Userbrain you can subscribe & save to test regularly and turn it into a habit. Try it for yourself.

Just a few more reasons to make the switch…

Best in industry for easy user testing

“From start to finish it’s been absolutely phenomenal. I really do enjoy how easy it is to utilize this software, not only is it simple but extremely easy to learn in very straightforward.”
Portrait photo of Joshua A.
Joshua A.

Excellent service and very easy to use

“Really like the experience, and happy to continue using this service. This is really easy to use, and you can get the videos within a matter of hours after deciding to test. The customer service is excellent, with the team getting back to you really quickly - and happy to give you replacement tests if any don’t work out technically.”
Thomas L.
Head of Communications

Easy and fast

“Really quick to get started and the interface is super user friendly. Also, the responses starting coming in within an hour of test launch and he quality of the respondents seems pretty good.”
Damon B.

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