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Userbrain Now Supports Demographics

Published May 21, 2019 ⚡ Updated on April 14, 2023 by Markus Pirker
New Userbrain Feature: Demographic Targeting

We’re excited to announce the launch of your most requested feature: Demographic targeting. You’ll now be able to select the gender, region, and age of your participants and still get first results within only a couple of hours by using our diverse participant panel.

This is how it works

Just create a new test and enter your test instructions on the first screen. We’ve now added a second step, where you can choose specific demographics of your participants.

Available demographics

    • Gender (Female, Male)
    • Regions (United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom or Germany)
    • Age (18 – 34 years, 35 – 50 years, 51 or older)
    • Language (English or German)
    • Device Type (Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone)

We’ll be adding more and more options on the go, as we’re growing our pool of testers.

Free for all customers

We’ll roll out this new feature for all of our customers and at no additional cost. This means you can still get your user tests for as little as $20 per participant, and even save an additional 30% when choosing our monthly plans.

Common Questions Our Customers Ask

Who and where is your panel from?
Our testing panel is made of everyday people, from all around the world.

How many user tests do I need?
We recommend testing in bunches of 5-8 participants per testing session. Repeat your user tests at least every two weeks and start as early as possible in the process.

How quickly will I receive results?
You‘ll start receiving results in as little as a few hours. Response time can vary depending on the time of day when you order, and if you’re using specific demographic requirements.

Ready to start user testing with specific demographics? Get started here.

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