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Testing the Customer Journey to Understand Conversion Rate Data: How Kastner & Öhler Uses Userbrain

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Founded in 1873, Kastner & Öhler is an Austrian chain of department stores. The family-run company was founded by Karl Kastner and Herman Öhler.

"Through the Userbrain tests, we continuously find optimization potentials and identify errors in advance that no A/B test can deliver. An unimaginable gain in insights so far."
Kastner & Öhler's representative
Gernot Ortoff
Head of Online Marketing & eCommerce

With over 150 years of experience, Kastner & Öhler needed to ensure that they stay up to date with the ever modernizing world and eCommerce sector. Kastner & Öhler has been running a successful online shop for several years now, including its sports goods retail branch, Gigasport.

Poor Conversion Rates on Mobile Devices

Gernot Ortoff noticed that especially on mobile devices, the purchase process was frequently abandoned under certain circumstances, resulting in revenue loss.

Apart from this, other aspects such as returns, also needed to be considered. Tracking tools and other data collectors were already installed and setup, but so far no one had been able to interpret the reasons behind the data.

Increasing Conversions with Userbrain

By making use of Userbrain's Screening Questions feature, Kastner & Öhler was able to recruit suitable testers who fit a target group of potential customers. These testers were tasked with using the online shop on their own devices and thinking out loud throughout the entire process.

The entire customer journey was thoroughly tested. This allowed Kastner & Öhler to develop an understanding of the entire shopping experience and finally understand the "why" behind the numbers.

Ongoing user tests are now a fixed part of the company, allowing improvement opportunities to be identified immediately – not only when massive problems become evident.

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