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How Vinny & Charles Jewelry Flourishes: Regular User Feedback Integration for Lasting Improvement

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Melody Vincent-Winspear - Vinny & Charles Jewelry Vinny & Charles is a jewelry company that specializes in high-end, custom-made and handcrafted engagement and wedding rings.

"I searched for a few companies. But by being a small business owner, there's lots of different hats that you have to wear. So kind of put on the back burner for a while. I just recently looked back into the user testing and found Userbrain. I think it was definitely one of the easiest platforms to use, to sign up, and really easy to get started."

Vinny & Charles started user testing with Userbrain in August 2023. They tested their website and it's various functions to better understand user experience and identify areas for improvement.

"It was just so interesting to actually hear the person go through the process and their thoughts and answering the questions in the testing. It's given us some really, really valuable feedback on points where we could improve the flow and make some changes to images or text or filters on the theme of our store. It's been super valuable."
Vinny & Charles Jewelry's representative
Melody Vincent-Winspear
Small Business Manager at Vinny & Charles

Invaluable Insights from Real Humans

By tapping into Userbrain's pool of testers, Melody was able to get real world feedback from real people. These insights helped provide her with direct value to her brand.

"I was just taking notes the whole time, like I would go and watch each video, taking notes. And then I'd do that for every video. And it's just so interesting because sometimes you're like: "Oh! I had literally not even thought about that.""
Vinny & Charles Jewelry's representative
Melody Vincent-Winspear
Small Business Manager at Vinny & Charles

Customer Insights and Iterative Improvement

When Vinny & Charles started gathering and analyzing tester feedback via Userbrain, they were able to identify areas for improvement and refine their website to better meet customer needs and improve conversion rates.

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