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3 User testing templates and examples for portfolio

Enhance your professional impact with user testing

In a world brimming with talented designers, your portfolio needs to stand out from the crowd. User testing with Userbrain will give you direct feedback to help you polish your work. Not only will user testing assist you in improving the quality of your portfolio, but it's also a quick and easy tool to help showcase your dedication and catch the eye of potential clients.

Benefits of user testing portfolios

By user testing your portfolio with Userbrain, you'll be able to:

Gather objective feedback

Gain an unbiased perspective on your portfolio. Friends and colleagues might hold back to spare your feelings, but user testing provides honest, direct feedback, ensuring you understand how your work is truly perceived.

Make tailored improvements

User testing highlights specific areas that need attention, whether it's design, content, or navigation. This allows you to make targeted improvements, ensuring your portfolio is both impactful and user-friendly.

Increase your portfolio's credibility

Demonstrating that you've conducted user testing on your own portfolio showcases your commitment to excellence and the user experience. This proactive approach can impress potential clients or employers, signaling that you value quality and continuous improvement.

How to test your UX design portfolio

Showcase your work with confidence. Conduct user tests on your portfolio to discover user insights and experience genuine reactions with Userbrain.

Userbrain interface showing how to create a task

Create tasks

Use a diverse range of task types to evaluate every facet of your portfolio, from initial impressions and content clarity to navigation and design aesthetics. Kickstart your evaluation in minutes with our ready-made portfolio user test templates.

Userbrain interface showing how to order testers

Order testers

Filter the Userbrain testing community by demographics and order as many testers as you need. Within hours, you'll receive video recordings (screen + audio) from each tester.

Userbrain interface showing how to discover insights

Discover insights

Watch and analyze your completed user test videos in a flash thanks to helpful features such as AI Insights and Transcripts. Collaborate with your team, share notes, and provide presentation-ready Reports to your stakeholders.

Ready? Start testing now.

How many testers do I need to test my portfolio?

When it comes to testing your portfolio, we recommend testing with at least 5 testers per round, up to a maximum of 12. Remember, the user testing process should be lean, iterative, and repetitive. That way, you can build a solid understanding of how your users interact with your product over time and make any necessary tweaks as required.

Need a hand?

If you're ready to take your portfolio to the next level, book a one-to-one call with one of our user testing specialists. Whatever your budget and user testing experience level, we'll find the perfect Userbrain plan for you!
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Userbrain is trusted by UX & product teams around the world:

“Userbrain gives me incredibly useful insights on how first-time users understand the value proposition of our product and helps me identify bugs or usability issues quickly.”
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Pascal Briod
Head of Product & Co-Founder at Monito
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Userbrain is elegantly simple

“The customer service has been excellent — in the rare case we had a bad user test, they quickly refunded the credit.”
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Paul Doerwald
Founder and CEO of Clockk
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“Userbrain has enabled us to run user testing that is neutral, insightful and that can be clearly actioned.”
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Jamie Fisher
Head of Ecommerce at Bradshaw Taylor Ltd.

There really isn’t anything I don’t like about Userbrain.

“I can dip in and out with pay-as-you-go credits with no commitment which I do for personal projects, and I can subscribe to make a real saving by buying monthly. It’s the best of both worlds.”
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