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Make user testing a habit.

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Automate user testing

With Userbrain, you can schedule tests to be repeated every week, two weeks, or monthly, and automatically get UX insights.

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Avoid costly mishaps

Testing regularly means you can spot mistakes early and avoid spending time, money, and frustration trying to fix it later.

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Build the best product

The more time you spend hearing and watching your users, the more you understand their needs and wants.

How it works:

Set up regular testing. First step: Setting test name, url and language
Set up regular testing. Second step: Choosing testers
Set up regular testing. Third step: Selecting how often the test should repeat

Other perks & goodies:

Userbrain interface: Select repeat user test interval

Easy setup with just one click

Setting up automated testing is as simple as can be. Just select how often you want the user test to be repeated while placing your order — and you’re set to go.


Change the testing schedule anytime

Want to pause automated testing or increase how many tests you get a month? No problem, change your schedule at any time, effective immediately.

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Never forget to test & improve UX

Setting up automated testing and receiving user tests into your inbox regularly is bound to get the ball rolling when it comes to integrating feedback.

Still got questions?

You can set your user test to be repeated automatically every week, two weeks, or monthly.
Yes, you sure can. Cancel running tests at anytime — you will get a refund of credits for the tests that haven’t started yet.
Not happy with the quality of a test? Let us know and we’ll get a new tester to redo it.

Want to automate
your user testing?

More features Userbrain has to offer:

Set up in minutes
Set up in minutes
Get access in just a few clicks with easy sign-up, preset templates, and task types.
Access 100k+ user testers
Access 100k+ user testers
Tap into our pool of quality assured user testers — target demographics and use screening questions to find the right users.
Invite your own testers
Invite your own testers
Share a test link with your customers or friends — get them to user test.
Analyze your user tests
Analyze your user tests
Easily spot usability problems and get UX insights by watching and analyzing user test videos.
Collaborate with your team
Collaborate with your team
With Userbrain, it’s easy to get info with comments and downloads to the right people.
Schedule regular testing
Schedule regular testing
Keep your ear to the ground and build empathy by making user testing a habit.