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10 Best Free Usability Testing Tools & Platforms in 2024

Published September 17, 2020 ⚡ Updated on May 16, 2024 by Andrea
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Usability testing tools can help you to understand the problems and desires of your users. With this knowledge, you can continuously improve your product. After all, your goal is to offer a great user experience that makes your customers happy. But what are the top 10 free usability testing tools and platforms for websites, prototypes, and mobile apps in 2024? Well, you’re about to find out!

The 10 best free usability testing tools &  platforms 2024

Due to the importance of usability testing, there are many user testing tools on the market that offer a free version of their platform. In this blog post, we’ll present them to you, and evaluate the pros and cons of each free usability testing tool and user testing platform to help you make the best decision. Right, who’s ready for number one?

1. Userbrain – The Best Free Usability Testing Tool ?

Userbrain is the top free usability testing tool, offering easy, fast, and affordable user testing.

Userbrain is a remote user testing tool with a focus on continuous testing. You can order and watch videos of real people interacting with your website or prototype. You will hear what users really think and observe what they actually do when they interact with your product or service. This is an essential step toward building a better product and making your users happy, and that’s why Userbrain takes number one spot on our list of the top 10 free usability testing tools.

You can test various live websites, websites in development, prototypes, mobile apps, and even competitor sites on smartphones, desktops, or tablets. 

What Userbrain offers for free

  • The first 2 tests are free ? Start free trial!
  • Two Userbrain testers, plus 5 sessions with your users, are included for free.

Userbrain Pros 

Userbrain Cons

  • Smaller user base compared to larger testing platforms 
  • Missing support for moderated testing
  • Limited advanced features for more complex testing needs
  • Higher cost per tester for the pay-as-you-go plan
  • AI insights may not always be accurate or relevant

2. Lookback

Lookback is a good choice for a usability tool which offers a generous free trial

Lookback offers a rich set of features that offers everything you need for running user tests with your own participants in one place. Lookback allows you to directly talk with participants – live and face-to-face in moderated user tests. You can use the “Live” feature to broadcast your research to your team and invite them to watch and gain insights.

What Lookback offers for free

  • A generous 60-day free trial

Lookback Pros

  • Remote moderated testing 
  • Broadcast your research using the “Live” feature 

Lookback Cons

  • No account sharing
  • No tester pool. You’ll have to recruit testers on your own.


Freelance Plan: $25 monthly and 10 sessions. Insights Hub Plan: $344 monthly and 300 sessions. Enterprise plan is available upon request.

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3. Lyssna (formerly UsabilityHub) |

A screenshot of the Lyssna dashboard

Lyssna (formerly UsabilityHub) allows you to run summative studies like first-click and five-second tests, design surveys or preference tests of multiple design solutions. You will receive written answers and can either recruit your own participants or use Lyssna’s integrated participant panel. We think that’s more than enough for UsabilityHub to cement its status as one of the top 10 free usability testing tools. 

What Lyssna offers for free

  • All Tests under 2 minutes are for free.

Lyssna Pros

  • Starting at $1 per answer when running summative studies.
  • Full CSV exports are available for test results.

Lyssna Cons

  • No screen and audio recording.
  • No prototype testing. 

Lyssna Pricing

Longer tests than 2 minutes and advanced features require a test upgrade. Flexible upgrade $50, Annual $100. Enterprise plan available. Paying per response starts from $2.

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4. Userlytics | 

Userlytics is a popular usability testing tool which offers a free trial

Coming in at fourth place in the 10 best free usability testing tools is Userlytics. Userlytics is the first UX research service to offer picture-in-picture (webcam view + screen and audio recording), skipping logic for qualitative unmoderated usability testing. Additionally, Userlytics offers advanced quantitative tools such as card sorting & tree testing fully integra ted with your qualitative usability tests.

What Userlytics offers for free

  • Free trial.

Userlytics Pros

  • Automated and multilingual transcriptions.
  • Quantitative metrics like time on task, SUS, NPS or SUPR-Q.

Userlytics Cons

  • Outdated (and frankly dull) user interface.
  • Clunky website.
  • Complicated pricing plans. The less said about it, the better.

Userlytics Pricing

Subscriptions including Userlytics testers start from $3,500 annually.

⚖️ Need some help to decide between Userlytics and Userbrain? Our Userlytics vs. Userbrain comparison page will answer all of your questions.

5. TryMata |

TryMata, formerly TryMyUI, has a free trial option for user testing.

Forrester Research notes TryMata as an affordable, effective SaaS usability testing tool for user research and design insights. Formerly known as TryMyUI, TryMata delivers videos of real users navigating any website.

What TryMata offers for free

  • Free trial.


  • Audience targeting.
  • Conducting surveys.
  • Unlimited testing with own participants with Enterprise and Unlimited plan.


  • Plans are only billed annually.
  • Setting up a test is a bit complicated.
  • No option to save your test scenario as a draft.
  • No option for automated user testing.
  • Much more expensive than Userbrain.


Starting from $3,996 annually.

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6. UX Tweak |

a screenshot of the UX Tweak home page

UX Tweak is a comprehensive usability testing tool that offers a range of features to help you understand and improve your users’ experience. It provides tools for website usability testing, prototype testing, and user participant recruitment. UX Tweak is trusted by major brands and is noted for its robust features and user-friendly interface.

What UX Tweak offers for free

UX Tweak offers a free Starter plan for small-scale projects. This includes all research tools with some limitations, one active study at a time, and one month access to results.


  • Comprehensive suite of tools including Card Sorting, Tree Testing, Website Testing, Mobile Testing, Prototype Testing, and First Click Testing.
  • Offers a large user panel for recruiting participants from around the world.
  • Provides a custom plan tailored to the complex needs of more demanding clients with their Enterprise plan.


  • The free Starter plan has limitations on the number of active studies and access to results.
  • Pricing can be a bit steep for startups and small businesses, especially when considering the additional cost of user test credits.


UX Tweak offers a Plus plan at $99 per month for those on a tighter budget. For more comprehensive needs, the Business plan is available at $179 per team member per month. However, user test credits are an additional cost. For example, for one Business user and 120 test credits per year, the total cost would be $2,928 annually. For more demanding clients, a custom Enterprise plan is available upon request.

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7. GetFeedback |

Get Feedback - formerly Usabilla homepage

Formerly Usabilla, GetFeedback empowers brands like KLM, Tommy Hilfiger, and Toyota to become truly customer-centric by improving digital experiences on websites, apps and emails. Through targeted surveys and embedded feedback options, enterprises acquire the ultimate solution to capture the voice of their customers, collect quantitative along with qualitative data, and turn insights into actions that drive success.

What GetFeedback offers for free

  • Free, personalized demo.


  • Well designed and clear reporting.
  • Clean UI, easy to use.
  • Short and intuitive feedback collection button and supporting questions.


  • No heat mapping.
  • A bit pricey.


No pricing information is available on the website. Contact GetFeedback for a quote. 

8. UserZoomGO |

UserZoom and UserZoomGO, formerly Validately, are popular usability testing tools featuring a free trial

UserZoomGO, formerly Validately, is a comprehensive solution for user research that includes a dedicated testing platform, recruiting services, and automated reporting. UserZoomGO makes it easy to talk to users – helping user researchers, UX designers, and product managers build products that customers love. Despite UserZoom being acquired by UserTesting in 2023, UserZoomGO remains a standalone tool which offers a free trial for usability testing.

What UserZoomGO offers for free

  • Free trial with every plan.
  • Bring your own testers for free, included with every plan.


  • Recruiting services offered.
  • Run moderated and unmoderated tests.


  • Confusing test setup process.
  • Limited researcher seats at plans.


Pricing information is not publicly available. A quote must be requested. 

9. Loop11 |

Loop11 is an Australian usability testing tool

Loop11 is a useful UX tool for benchmarking a site’s KPIs, finding where users encounter issues, and gathering quantitative data on UX improvements.

What Loop11 offers for free

  • 14-day Free trial with every plan.


  • Unlimited number of users/seats.
  • Quick report generation.


  • No tester pool. You need to recruit your own testers.
  • Tests can’t be edited after publishing.
  • Prices have increased sharply in recent years.


  • Rapid insights – $199 /month.
  • Pro – $399 /month.
  • Enterprise – $599 /month.

10. Optimizely |

Optimizely is a decent user testing tool with a free trial available.

Optimizely is the world’s leading experience optimization platform. The Optimizely platform technology provides A/B testing and multivariate testing tools, website personalization, and feature toggle capabilities.

What Optimizely offers for free

  • Free Rollouts plan.


  • API output.
  • Quickly adjust test volumes or turn tests on/off.


  • Uninspiring user interface.
  • Sometimes long load times in the app.
  • Pricing isn’t upfront.


Rollouts plan for free. Quotes for Essentials, Business, and Enterprise plans are offered upon contacting the Sales team.

Honorable mentions: other notable free usability testing tools

These honorable mentions may not have made it into our top 10 rankings, but they’re worth considering for your usability testing needs.

Honorable mentions: Hotjar, Maze, PlaybookUX. These free usability testing tools didn't make our top 10, but they're still valid options.

Hotjar – For free quantitative usability testing |

Hotjar is a popular usability testing tool that offers heatmaps, session recordings, and user feedback through surveys and polls. Although not included in our top 10 list, Hotjar provides a comprehensive set of features to help you understand user behavior and improve your website’s user experience.

Maze – For free prototype usability testing |

Maze is a user testing platform specializing in rapid testing and iteration for prototypes built with popular design tools like Figma and Sketch. With Maze, you can quickly gather user insights and validate your designs, making it a valuable tool for UX designers and product teams.

PlaybookUX – For free moderated usability testing |

PlaybookUX is an all-in-one user testing solution that offers both moderated and unmoderated testing, along with AI-powered video analytics. Its key features include task-based testing, audience targeting, and usability metrics, making it a strong contender in the usability testing space.

Beyond the free trial: choosing the best usability testing tool

Selecting the perfect usability testing tool and plan can be a daunting task, with a myriad of options available. Once your free trial is over, it’s not always easy to choose a plan that perfectly meets your needs. Factors to consider include budget, project scope, desired features, and integration with other tools. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on choosing the right user testing tool with a subscription plan tailored to your needs.

Key Takeaways: 10 best free usability testing tools in 2024

In conclusion, there are many free user testing tools on the market that can help you understand the problems and desires of your users. By continuously testing and improving your product, you can offer a great user experience that makes your customers happy. In this blog post, we presented the top 10 free usability testing tools, and evaluated the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision. From Userbrain’s focus on continuous testing to Hotjar’s Heatmaps and User Recordings, each tool offers unique features that can benefit your UX research. Remember to take advantage of the free trials and sessions offered by these tools to find the best fit for your needs.

To summarise, here are the 10 best free usability testing tools:

  1. Userbrain ?
  2. Lookback ?
  3. UsabilityHub ?
  4. Userlytics
  5. TryMata
  6. UX Tweak
  7. GetFeedback
  8. UserZoomGO
  9. Loop11
  10. Optimizely

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