12 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for App Designers in 2024

Published December 22, 2023 by Andrea in User Testing
⚡ Updated on March 5, 2024
12 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for App Designers

In 2024, finding the right mobile app testing tool is crucial for any app designer aiming to create standout applications. The Userbrain team has rigorously tested a wide array of tools to identify the most effective ones for this purpose. Our focus was on usability, functionality, and the ability to deliver actionable user insights. After a thorough and selective process, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best mobile app testing tools that every app designer should consider. These tools are not just about app testing; they’re about empowering designers and product managers to build apps that excel in user experience and performance.

Top 12 best mobile app testing tools in 2024

1. Userbrain – Start free trial! ?

2. Usersnap

3. UserTesting

4. Test IO

5. Applause

6. Lookback

7. ServiceNow

8. Loop11

9. Testbirds

10. Userlytics

11. Maze

12. Optimizely

1. Userbrain – Your go-to app testing tool ?

A screenshot of the Userbrain dashboard.

Userbrain stands out as a user-friendly and efficient platform for mobile app testing, offering a unique blend of simplicity, affordability, and quality. With its broad tester pool and AI-powered insights, Userbrain is the go-to mobile app testing tool for UX Designers and Product Managers seeking actionable user feedback to enhance their mobile app user experience.

Userbrain Features

  • Mobile App Testing for Android and iOS: Userbrain has introduced a feature for mobile app testing, allowing you to gain insights into how users interact with your app.
  • Simple 3-Step Process: Set up a user test, provide a link to your app in the Google Play Store, and watch completed user test videos with full transcripts and automated insights.
  • AI Insights: Save time in your user test analysis with Userbrain’s AI Insights.
  • Real User Feedback: Watch videos of real people interacting with your product, providing genuine feedback and insights.
  • Free templates and Examples: Learn how to conduct perfect user tests for your product with over 50+ free user test templates and examples.
  • Huge Participant Pool: Userbrain boasts a 125,000-strong testing pool, catering mainly to English, Spanish, and German-speaking markets.
  • Invite Your Own Testers: Run tests with 100 of your own users at no additional cost.
  • Presentation-ready Reports: Share findings easily with eye-catching user test Reports.

Discover all Userbrain features here.

Userbrain Pricing

  • Starter: $79 /month, including 36 testers each year.
  • Pro: $239 /month, including 120 testers each year.
  • Agency: $659 /month, including 360 testers each year.
  • Pay As You Go: $39 per tester, with no minimum order or subscription required.

? Find the perfect user testing subscription for you on Userbrain’s Pricing page.

Who is Userbrain for?

Userbrain is ideal for both B2B and B2C companies looking for an easy, fast, and affordable method to conduct mobile app user testing. It’s particularly suitable for UX designers, researchers, and product managers who need quick and actionable user feedback on their mobile apps. Every UX Designer, UX Researcher, and Product Manager, should have a Userbrain account.

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Unique Selling Points

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Userbrain’s platform is designed for ease of use, allowing quick setup and fast results.
  • Affordability: Offers a cost-effective solution for mobile app testing, with various pricing plans to suit different needs.
  • Quality Assured Tester Pool: Access to over 125,000 quality-assured testers, with options to target specific demographics.

2. Usersnap

A screenshot of the Usersnap homepage.

Usersnap is a versatile tool that excels in collecting and managing user feedback for mobile apps. It’s known for its intuitive interface and powerful features that streamline the feedback process, making it one of the best mobile app testing tools available right now.

Key Features

  • Feedback Collection: Empowers users to share feedback anytime in the product with screen capturing and annotation tools.
  • Targeted Surveys: Engages users to measure sentiment at specific moments, increasing response rates.
  • Organized Workflows: Categorizes feedback with labels into important topics and manages development with various tracking features.


  • Startup: Starts from $69/month, including 5 active projects and 10 team members.
  • Company: Starts from $129/month, including 15 active projects and 15 team members.
  • Premium: Starts from $249/month, including 25 active projects and 25 team members.
  • Enterprise: Starts from $949/month, offering exclusive features for large-scale enterprises.

Who is Usersnap for?

Usersnap is idea for teams looking to collect and streamline product feedback efficiently. It’s suitable for both small startups and large enterprises, offering scalable solutions for customer feedback and issue tracking.

Unique Selling Points

  • Integration Capabilities: Offers over 50 integrations to automate workflows and connect with other tools.

3. UserTesting

A screenshot of the UserTesting homepage.

UserTesting, now merged with UserZoom, offers a comprehensive suite of user experience research tools. It’s renowned for its in-depth insights and ability to capture the nuances of user interactions, making it a valuable asset for any mobile app development team.

UserTesting Features

  • Advanced UX Research Capabilities: Offers a suite of advanced, mixed-method UX research capabilities for comprehensive insights.
  • QXscore: A standardized score of both behavioral and attitudinal measures of user experience, tying performance to business results.
  • Diverse Audience Testing: Capable of testing iOS, Android, and TestFlight links across a broad range of device types and countries.

UserTesting Pricing

  • Essentials Plan: Offers basic features needed to get started with collecting customer feedback. Includes test builder, demographic filters, dashboard, transcripts, and integrations with Slack, Jira, and Trello.
  • Advanced and Ultimate Plans: Provide more comprehensive features and capabilities. Detailed pricing information is available upon contacting sales.

Who is UserTesting for?

UserTesting is ideal for organizations focused on UI, UX Research, Design, or CX, looking to gain a deep understanding of customer experiences. It’s suitable for teams across UX, Design, Product, and Marketing, but such broad suitability comes at a cost.

UserTesting Unique Selling Points

  • Holistic Customer Journey View: Understands customers’ go-to devices and unique behaviors for different activities and goals.

? Trying to decide between UserTesting and Userbrain? Find out how Userbrain stacks up vs. UserTesting in our blog.

4. Test IO

A screenshot of the Test IO homepage.

Test IO provides a robust solution for mobile app testing, leveraging a vast crowdtesting community. It’s ideal for businesses seeking real-world testing scenarios and a wide coverage of devices and operating systems.

Test IO Features

  • Comprehensive Mobile App Testing: Offers a full range of mobile app testing services, including testing by real people on real devices and mobile test automation services.
  • Mobile Test Automation Integration: Fully integrates mobile test automation into development and testing processes, ensuring quality gates in the pipeline.
  • Accelerated Mobile Testing Tools: Leverages more than 10 EPAM testing accelerators and 50+ open source tools and frameworks to optimize mobile testing.

Test IO Pricing

  • Startup: Includes up to 2 exploratory tests per month and basic features. No further information available.
  • Pro: Offers more advanced features and capabilities, including on-demand bug validation and reproduction. No further information available.
  • Enterprise: Tailored for large-scale enterprises, with additional features and support. No further information available.

Who is Test IO for?

Test IO is ideal for businesses looking to ship high-quality mobile experiences with confidence. It’s suitable for teams needing both manual and automated testing solutions, from startups to large enterprises.

Test IO Unique Selling Points

  • Extensive Crowdtesting Community: Access to a diverse crowd that tests on the devices you need under real conditions.
  • Seamless Integration: Offers easy and secure distribution of pre-release versions of apps to testers.

5. Applause

A screenshot of the Applause homepage.

Applause delivers a full spectrum of mobile app testing services, from functional to localization testing. Its global community of digital experts ensures that apps are thoroughly tested under real-world conditions.

Applause Features

  • Comprehensive Mobile App Testing: Offers a range of testing services, including functional, usability, and localization testing.
  • Localization Testing: Verifies in-app content accuracy for local markets with native speakers across the globe.
  • Automation Support: Provides access to testers experienced in writing automated scripts with various tools.

Applause Pricing

Pricing information for Applause is not publicly available on their website. Interested parties are encouraged to contact them directly for pricing inquiries.

Who is Applause for?

Applause is ideal for businesses seeking to ensure their mobile apps deliver seamless, high-quality experiences in real-world conditions. It’s suitable for companies looking for comprehensive testing solutions that cover functional, usability, and localization aspects.

Applause Unique Selling Points

  • Real-World Testing: Leverages a vast community of testers to simulate real-world scenarios, ensuring apps are ready for customers.
  • Diverse Device Coverage: Tests across a wide range of devices and operating systems, addressing the challenge of device fragmentation.

6. Lookback

A screenshot of the Lookback homepage.

Lookback offers a unique approach to mobile app testing with its focus on real-time user interactions. Its platform is designed for teams that prioritize direct user feedback and in-depth usability analysis.

Lookback Features

  • Moderated Usability LiveShare: Enables face-to-face interaction with participants to understand their experience with your product.
  • Unmoderated Usability Tasks: Allows setting up a sequence of tasks for participants to follow in a secure and account-less environment.
  • Support for Multiple Platforms: Tests can be conducted on desktop, iOS, and Android, with the ability to restrict platforms as needed.

Lookback Pricing

  • Freelance: $25 per month (billed annually), includes 10 sessions per year.
  • Team: $149 per month (billed annually), includes 100 sessions per year and unlimited collaborators.
  • Insights Hub: $344 per month (billed annually), includes 300 sessions per year.
  • Enterprise: Offers unlimited sessions and dedicated customer support. Contact for pricing.

Who is Lookback for?

Lookback is ideal for teams and organizations that require a versatile and user-friendly platform for conducting both moderated and unmoderated usability testing. It’s suitable for researchers, product teams, and stakeholders focused on gaining deep user insights.

Lookback Unique Selling Points

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supports testing across various device platforms, providing flexibility and comprehensive coverage.

7. ServiceNow

A screenshot of the ServiceNow homepage.

ServiceNow, enhanced by its acquisition of AppSee, provides advanced mobile app analytics and testing capabilities. It’s tailored for enterprises aiming to deliver top-notch mobile experiences and align technology investments with business strategies.

ServiceNow Features

  • APM Portal: Provides actionable, real-time insights on a consolidated interface for decision-making.
  • Application Portfolio: Enables data-driven decisions on whether to invest, sustain, or replace business applications.
  • Capability Mapping: Aligns technology investments and services to business value streams via capability-based planning.

ServiceNow Pricing

Pricing information was not explicitly available on the ServiceNow website

Who is ServiceNow for?

ServiceNow, with its enhanced capabilities from AppSee, is ideal for enterprises looking to deliver consumer-grade mobile experiences at scale. It’s suitable for organizations focusing on digital transformation and requiring comprehensive analytics and testing solutions.

ServiceNow Unique Selling Points

  • Enterprise-Scale Solutions: Tailored to meet the needs of large enterprises with complex mobile app ecosystems.
  • Strategic Technology Alignment: Helps businesses align their technology investments with their overall business strategies.

8. Loop11

A screenshot of the Loop11 homepage.

Loop11 is a comprehensive mobile app testing tool that offers a range of online and moderated user testing options for apps, websites, and prototypes.

Loop11 Features

  • Online Usability Testing: Provides tools for conducting online usability tests to gather user feedback and insights.
  • Moderated Testing: Offers moderated testing capabilities for more controlled and guided user testing sessions.

Loop11 Pricing

Pricing information was not explicitly available on the Loop11 website. However, they offer a free 14-day trial.

Who is Loop11 for?

Loop11 is ideal for UX researchers, product managers, and design teams seeking a comprehensive suite of usability testing tools to enhance user experience and benchmark performance against industry standards.

Loop11 Unique Selling Points

  • Comprehensive Usability Suite: Loop11 stands out with its extensive range of usability testing tools, including online, moderated, and UX benchmarking options, catering to a wide range of user testing needs.

9. Testbirds

A screenshot of the Testbirds homepage.

Testbirds specializes in extensive testing coverage with its global crowdtesting community. With a focus on the German-speaking market, Testbirds is perhaps one of the best german-language mobile app testing tools.

Testbirds Features

  • Global Crowdtesting Community: Utilizes a large community of testers to simulate real-world scenarios.
  • Flexible Testing Solutions: Provides tailored testing solutions for various industries and use cases.

Testbirds Pricing

Testbirds offers credit-based pricing with their flexible currency, BirdCoins, which can be a little bit complicated to understand.

Who is Testbirds for?

  • Testbirds is ideal for businesses and app developers seeking extensive testing coverage with real-world scenarios, especially those requiring tailored solutions across different industries and use cases.

Testbirds Unique Selling Points

  • Extensive Testing Coverage: Testbirds stands out with its global crowdtesting community and flexible testing solutions, providing comprehensive coverage for mobile app testing across various industries.

10. Userlytics

A screenshot of the Userlytics homepage.

Userlytics stands out with its flexible and cross-device compatible platform for mobile app, prototype, and website usability testing. For that reason, it makes 10th place in our list of the best mobile app testing tools.

Userlytics Features

  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Conducts studies on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, including high-fidelity prototypes on the Apple Appstore (TestFlight) or Google Play.
  • A/B Testing and Benchmarking: Allows for multiple usability studies, A/B testing, and user research on competition for benchmarking usability and user experience.

Userlytics Pricing

Userlytics offers flexible pricing options, but specific details are not provided on the website. They encourage contacting their team for more information and offer a free trial.

Who is Userlytics for?

Userlytics is ideal for businesses and UX researchers looking for a versatile platform to conduct in-depth mobile app usability testing across various devices and operating systems.

Unique Selling Points

  • Comprehensive Platform for Diverse Testing Needs: Userlytics stands out with its ability to test a wide range of digital assets, from mobile apps to prototypes, offering extensive cross-device compatibility and advanced testing methodologies.

11. Maze

A screenshot of the Maze homepage.

Maze is a holistic platform for mobile usability testing and one of the most popular mobile app testing tools on the market. Known for its AI-powered research tools.

Maze Features

  • Flexible Mobile Testing: Supports testing of mobile websites, mockups, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Enables studies on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • A/B Testing and Benchmarking: Facilitates multiple usability studies and A/B testing for design and usability changes.

Maze Pricing

  • Starter: $99 /month. For small teams beginning with product research.
  • Team: $1,250 /month. For larger teams aiming to democratize research and build user-centric products.
  • Organization: Custom pricing. For organizations scaling product research with full support and security.

Who is Maze for?

Maze is ideal for teams and organizations seeking a comprehensive platform for conducting in-depth mobile app usability testing across various devices and operating systems.

Unique Selling Points

  • Holistic Research Platform: Maze stands out with its all-in-one platform for continuous product discovery, scaling customer insights with AI-powered research tools.

12. Optimizely

A screenshot of the Optimizely homepage.

Optimizely offers a comprehensive suite of app A/B testing and experimentation tools. It’s designed for product teams and developers focused on optimizing mobile app engagement and performance through data-driven decisions.

Key Features

  • Feature Experimentation: Validates new features and deploys high-quality releases safely and quickly.
  • Flexible Configuration: Allows experiments in any part of the app with easy configuration of networking, logging, and integrations.
  • Performance Focus: Open-source SDKs ensure no network requests and enable instant updates without App Store or Google Play reviews.

Optimizely Pricing

Optimizely offers customized pricing tailored to specific needs. They provide a range of plans for different aspects of digital experience optimization, including content marketing, web experimentation, and feature experimentation.

Who is Optimizely for?

Optimizely is ideal for product teams and developers who need a robust platform for A/B testing and feature experimentation, focusing on mobile app engagement and performance optimization.

Optimizely Unique Selling Points

  • Comprehensive Experimentation Suite: Optimizely stands out with its wide range of experimentation tools, enabling businesses to test, learn, and optimize mobile app features and user experiences at scale.


In the dynamic landscape of mobile app design, the right testing tools are indispensable for ensuring your app not only meets but exceeds user expectations. While there are numerous options available, each tool we’ve discussed offers unique strengths to enhance your app’s usability and functionality. Remember, the key to successful app design lies in continuous testing and improvement. Userbrain, with its intuitive interface and comprehensive testing capabilities, stands as a prime example of a tool that can significantly streamline this process. As you embark on your journey to create exceptional mobile apps, consider integrating Userbrain into your workflow for insights that can truly make a difference.

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FAQs: Mobile App Testing

What makes a mobile app testing tool effective for app designers?

An effective mobile app testing tool should offer comprehensive testing capabilities, including usability, functionality, and performance testing. It should provide actionable insights, be user-friendly, and support various mobile platforms and devices.

Can small businesses and independent developers benefit from these testing tools?

Absolutely. These tools are designed to cater to a wide range of users, from large enterprises to small businesses and independent developers. Many offer scalable solutions and flexible pricing to suit different needs and budgets.

How important is cross-platform compatibility in mobile app testing tools?

Cross-platform compatibility is crucial as it ensures that your app provides a consistent and seamless user experience across different devices and operating systems. It helps in identifying platform-specific issues and optimizing the app accordingly.

Are there free mobile app testing tools available for beginners?

Yes, several tools offer free versions or trials that are perfect for beginners. These free versions often include basic testing features, which can be a great starting point for those new to mobile app testing.

How do these tools integrate with existing development workflows?

Most of these tools are designed to integrate smoothly with existing development workflows. They offer features like API integrations, compatibility with popular development platforms, and easy collaboration, making them a seamless addition to your development process.

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