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Userbrain Product Evolution: Major milestones & updates from 2023

Published December 22, 2023 ⚡ Updated on March 5, 2024 by Andrea
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2023 has been a landmark year for Userbrain, marked by significant advancements and exciting new features. Each month brought something new to the table, enhancing our platform’s capabilities and offering more value to our users. From innovative AI tools to expanded testing options, here’s a look at how Userbrain evolved over the year.

January: Starter Plan

The Starter plan was launched in January 2023.

Real user insights and honest feedback are invaluable, and now they’re more accessible than ever with our new Starter Plan at just $79 a month. This plan makes quality user testing affordable for businesses of all sizes.

February: Transcripts

Transcripts were launched in February 2023

Manual transcription is a thing of the past. February introduced Transcripts, automating the process of converting feedback from user test videos into text, saving hours of manual work.

March: AI Insights

AI Insights were launched in March 2023

On a similar note, March saw the introduction of your new user testing assistant. Designed to identify and highlight crucial moments in your user tests, AI Insights is all about efficiency, saving you valuable time and effort in analyzing feedback.

June: Android App

The Userbrain Android app was launched in June 2023

Did you know that 2.8 billion people use an Android phone? In June, we fully embraced this audience by supporting Android and launching our Android app for testers, significantly expanding the reach and diversity of our tester pool.

July: Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing was launched in July 2023

July was all about mobile, as we introduced the ability to test mobile apps or games for both Android and iOS devices. This expansion ensures comprehensive testing across the most popular mobile platforms.

August: New Chrome Recorder

The new Userbrain Recorder app was launched in August 2023

We revamped our Google Chrome Recorder from the ground up in August. The new recorder offers a simpler, more efficient user testing experience, streamlining the process for our users.

September: All your Testers up front

In September 2023, all yearly plans were updated to include all testers up front.

For those opting for our annual subscriptions, September brought great news: immediate access to all your Userbrain testers for the entire year, right from day one.

October: 100 Tests with your Own Users

From October 2023, all subscriptions included 100 tests with your own users every month

October was about giving more to our subscribers. Now, every Userbrain subscription includes an incredible bonus: 100 tests with your own users per month, maximizing the value of our service.

November: Improved Sharing

Video sharing timestamps were added in November 2023.

Sharing recordings became more flexible in November. When sharing a link to a recording, you can now specify a timestamp for the video to start playing, enhancing the convenience and relevance of shared content.

December: Clips

Clips are coming soon, as of December 2023, with the first prototype versions now live.

We’re excited to announce that Clips is on the horizon. This upcoming feature will allow you to easily capture and share key moments from user tests, bringing actionable insights directly to your team.

So, 2023… that’s a wrap!

As we wrap up a transformative year at Userbrain, we’re proud of the strides we’ve made in enhancing our platform. Each update in 2023 was a step towards making user testing more accessible, efficient, and insightful. We’re committed to continuous improvement and are excited to bring even more innovative features to our users in the future.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to a productive and insightful 2024 with Userbrain!

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