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Userbrain launches Starter plan – budget friendly user testing

Published January 18, 2023 ⚡ Updated on September 4, 2023 by Andrea
Our new starter plan is live. Sometimes the smallest chilis are the hottest

Are you looking for a budget-friendly user testing option?

Then our new Starter plan has your name written all over it. Let’s check it out.

Who is the Starter plan for?

Our Starter plan is geared towards freelance UX designers, developers, startup founders and product owners who are looking for a budget-friendly user testing option.

What does the Starter plan include?

As a more affordable alternative to our popular Pro plan, Starter provides the perfect entry-level user testing opportunity for anyone looking to improve their product’s UX, with:

  • 3 user tests per month
  • Plus 10 of your own participants
  • 1 admin
  • 5 collaborators
  • Video storage for 1 year

And there’s more good news. The Starter plan will also allow access to premium and upcoming Userbrain features which are included in the Pay As You Go option; including automated reports, native app testing, highlight clips, and automated testing.

How much does the Starter plan cost?

Everybody loves a bargain – particularly in this economic climate! So maybe we’re a little crazy, but we’re determined to give our users phenomenal value for money, not just affordable user testing.

At just $99 a month, the Starter plan serves up premium user testing insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional usability testing services. The value doesn’t stop there, either. We’re also offering two months for free when you purchase a year subscription to our Starter package, coming in at a bargain $990 annually.

Userbrain Pricing 2023

Our Starter plan is the most affordable option to get started with user testing.

Upgrade your plan anytime

But that’s not all! We know that user testing is an ongoing process, and that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to upgrade to our Pro plan at any time. The Pro plan includes more user tests per month, more participants, more admin and collaborators, and additional video storage. So, whether you’re just starting out or your business is growing, Userbrain has a plan that fits your needs.

Budget friendly user testing

With Userbrain’s Starter plan, you can now get valuable user testing insights without breaking the bank. Start your free trial today and see the difference that user testing can make for your product. With Userbrain, you’ll be able to identify and fix usability issues, improve user engagement and ultimately, increase conversions.

Userbrain’s Starter plan is perfect for those who want to improve their product’s UX at an affordable price. With 3 user tests per month, 10 of your own participants, 1 admin, 5 collaborators, video storage for 1 year, and access to premium features, you’ll be able to get valuable insights that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Don’t just take our word for it

Start your free trial today and see the difference that user testing can make for your product.

Schedule a call with us if you have any questions – we would love to hear from you!

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