Top 5 UX Research Methods for 2024

Published February 26, 2024 by Andrea
The top 5 best ux research methods

UX research methods have become an integral part of any design process today. They help organizations understand the behavior, preferences, and expectations of their users. If you do it right, every $1 spent on UX generates a revenue of $100, so investing in the right UX research methods to narrow down your user needs and wants is crucial for the success of your product or service in 2024.

User experience (UX) research methods help businesses understand their users’ behaviors, preferences, and pain points to improve their products or services. As technology advances, so do UX research methodologies. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 UX research methods that are expected to help businesses gain a competitive edge in 2024.

5 Best UX Research Methods

Method 1. Surveys and Questionnaires

They may seem a tad traditional, but surveys are a tried and true method for a reason. When you’re looking to find out about your website or app’s overall user satisfaction, surveys and questionnaires can provide valuable insights. You can find out what aspects of your UX are frictionless, and which ones need improvement.

For every unhappy customer you’ll hear from, 26 more could potentially have negative experiences to share that won’t voice them. Having an easy questionnaire with open-ended questions and a five-star scale can help highlight user pain points and show where your UX is shining.

Questions to ask include:

  • How did you navigate to our website or app?
  • What were you looking for when you visited our site/app?
  • Did you find what you were looking for?
  • How would you rate your overall experience on a scale of 1 to 5?

Method 2. Usability Testing

Usability testing involves gathering a group of participants and observing them as they interact with your website or app. You can remotely identify roadblocks and friction points that may not be visible to you as the designer.

Different types of usability testing can be used to test different aspects of your product. For example, A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of your website or app to see which one performs better in terms of user experience. Comparative usability testing, on the other hand, explores how customers experience your product compared with competitors.

Once you’ve refined your usability testing strategy (being sure to include best practices and data analysis), it’s time to turn to your customers. You can use email surveys or innovative user testing software to do the heavy lifting for you. Userbrain’s pool of 125,000 hand-selected testers can check out your site or app in minutes, putting it through the wringer and giving you raw feedback to work with.

You can also invite your own users to a usability test, gaining actionable insights into how real users interact with your product. Screen record, collaborate with team members, schedule regular tests, and perform seamless UX insight analysis with Userbrain.

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Method 3. First-Click Testing

Can users find what they’re looking for easily in your app? How easy is it to find the “Contact Us” button on your website? First-click testing tells you exactly what users click on first when they visit your website or app.

Conduct first-click tests by giving users a specific task to do on your website, and record their first click. This test helps you understand how users interact with different elements on your site, such as menus, buttons, and links. Use this information to optimize the layout of your product or website, making it more user-friendly and intuitive.

Method 4. A/B Testing

When you’re making a change to your website or app, A/B testing shines as a UX research method. You can see how users respond and interact with two different solutions and get real-time data on which one performs better. This can help you make informed decisions about design changes, and ultimately improve the overall user experience.

We don’t recommend using A/B testing on its own, as it focuses on the HOW. Insights you’ll gather include click-through rates, time on page, and bounce rates, among others. However, it’s a valuable tool when used in conjunction with other methods that focus on the WHY behind user behavior. That’s where user testing shines.

Method 5. User Testing

User testing differs from usability testing in that it provides a deeper understanding of the user’s thought process and motivations. It involves observing and gathering feedback from real users as they complete tasks on your website or app, giving you valuable insights into their behavior, pain points, and preferences.

At Userbrain, we offer a comprehensive user testing platform that allows you to easily recruit participants from our pool of over 100k testers, set up tasks and surveys, and receive detailed video recordings of user sessions. Our platform also offers advanced metrics and analytics to help you analyze the data and make informed decisions for improving your UX.

By combining A/B testing with user testing, you can get a better understanding of your users’ needs and preferences, leading to better design decisions.

Final Thoughts on the best UX research methods

Each UX research method brings its own merits to the complex puzzle of user experience design. A/B testing offers quantitative insights that reveal the effectiveness of design choices, while user testing yields qualitative data crucial for understanding the why behind user behaviors.

When used in harmony, these methods illuminate different aspects of the user journey, providing a comprehensive picture of user interaction with your product. This strategic combination empowers designers and product teams to make informed decisions that resonate with users, enhance their satisfaction, and ensure a seamless and delightful experience.

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