Our Users: A 2-hour UX revolution for branddiscovery.co

Published March 30, 2023 by Zsuzsanna Kliszek
Userbrain improved my website in 2 hours - Zsuzsanna Kliszek

What is branddiscovery.co, and why did I choose Userbrain?

As a professional working in the field of user and brand experiences, I understand the importance of creating a website or software that is intuitive, user-friendly, and aligns with the brand’s values. However, achieving this can be challenging without real feedback from users. That’s where Userbrain comes in. In just two hours, I gathered valuable insights from users, enabling me to make decisions that significantly improved my website’s user and brand experience. In this article, I will share how Userbrain improved my website in two hours and why it’s a must-have tool for anyone working in this field. 

Improving my website in 7 steps with Userbrain

Userbrain improved my website’s UX in 2 hours, and it was done in 7 easy steps from start to finish. Here they are in order.

Step 1: Enter your test URL

It was the perfect time to run a Userbrain test because I had just launched my newly rebranded website. I wanted to run a user test to see how users would perceive my website – and, more importantly, my brand. Of course, I couldn’t trust my friends to be 100% objective in their critique, so I decided it would be best to ask for feedback on my website from people who had never seen it before. So, after registering, I entered my domain name and selected English as the test language because my target customers (and test subjects) need to communicate in English.

Enter the test name, test URL, and choose your language

Step 2: Choose a test template (or create your own)

Even though I’m a solopreneur, I collaborate with experts, so I need to see how people perceive my business form on the website. That’s why I chose the ‘Company Website’ option as the basis for my first user test.

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Step 3: Set up your test and create custom tasks

Then came one of my favorite parts: the template suggested some questions and tasks I could use, which were all very useful. As a brand strategist, my website must conform to basic strategical rules, such as expressing my brand basics in seconds. For example, Who am I? What am I offering? Why am I different? and so on. The template suggested some helpful questions and tasks, but I also had the option to add my own.

Tip: send testers to find your competitors!

Competitors are always our worst enemies, but who do you compare to in the eyes of your potential customers? I mean, really. Who do your customers think your competitors are? That’s why I liked the question where I got to ask my testers to Google my competitors and see which keywords they use to find my services in Google.

Step 4: Choose your test users (based on your potential customers)

Because I work internationally, I constantly struggle to test my messages and website with random people of a certain age from Canada or the United States. Finding test participants organically who are in my target demographic, and have a business, is challenging.

Userbrain solved this problem in one minute. Using their demographic filters and screener questions, I narrowed down the testing pool and honed in on my potential customers.

Step 5: Place your order to start the test

Once you’ve defined your ideal testers and selected the appropriate parameters, you double-check your test and click ‘Place order’, and you’re done! Your user test has been ordered, and your testers will begin to work on your tasks.

Now it's time to order testers

Step 6: Your test is complete!

This was my biggest surprise. An email arrived in less than two hours, notifying me that my test had already been COMPLETED!

Step 7: Analyze your test results.

I received my test results in the form of two 15-minute videos tailored to my requested preferences. In the videos, a test user navigated through my website and answered my test questions while thinking aloud. These videos provided excellent insights into how users approach my website, where they look for my target personas, how they navigate my site, where they click to contact me, what keywords they use to search for my competitors, and what factors they consider when deciding to use our services. The test also helped me understand how successfully I could express my brand values through the site, or if my brand category is expressed sufficiently for them to understand how I offer the services. Overall, the videos provided helpful feedback that will allow me to improve my website based on user insights and better understand my target audience.

Why is Userbrain a valuable tool for your business?

To summarize my experience, Userbrain is a valuable tool for anyone in the user and brand experience field. It provides actionable insights into how users interact with a website or software. It allows professionals to make informed decisions and improve the user and brand experience. It’s not only simple and quick, but it’s also affordable for everyone, making it accessible to a wide range of professionals. Finally, incorporating Userbrain into your design process can help you create more intuitive, user-friendly, and brand-aligned websites and software, all essential ingredients for winning online and growing your business.

How to get started with Userbrain

It’s really easy to get started with Userbrain. There are two options:

About the Author

Zsuzsanna Kliszek is the Founder and Strategist behind branddiscovery.co – a Brand & Marketing Strategy Consultancy operating remotely from Munich, Germany. With almost 10 years of experience working with startups, SMEs, and global companies from the US to Europe, Zsuzsanna brings a unique mix of strategy, marketing, user experience, and content creation to brand building.

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