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How to Make Sure Your User Research Really Moves the Needle

Published April 23, 2024 by Paula
How your user research really moves the needle

Imagine you’ve just wrapped up a series of user tests, armed with insights that could potentially redefine your product’s trajectory.

Yet, when it comes time to share these valuable insights with your team or stakeholders, you don’t see any excitement from their side.

Why? Because despite the value of your findings, the way they’re presented can often be as engaging as watching paint dry.

The Common Issue When Sharing User Research Results

Imagine spending hours, if not days, crafting a meticulous usability report, filled to the brim with insights and recommendations.

You hit send, expecting a flurry of action… only to hear crickets. ?

And again, you’ll ask yourself: Why?

Because, let’s face it, in our fast-paced digital world, not everyone has the time or the patience to digest a 40-page document like this one:

Screenshot of a usability test report

It’s incredibly frustrating when your hard work isn’t recognized, and the changes needed to improve the product aren’t made. Valuable insights are missed, essential updates don’t happen, and bugs remain, risking your product’s success.

This is where we say, “Kill the usability report!”

The Best Usability Report Is No Report

If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend this episode of Lenny’s Podcast featuring Judd Antin, former Head of Research at Airbnb and Meta.

Judd coins the term “user-centered performance” as a symbolic practice to show off your customer-centricity rather than “real” UX work that moves the needle:

User-centered performance is a term I made up, because it’s fun to make up terms. And it refers to customer obsession or a user-centered practice that is symbolic rather than focused on learning. So it’s hugely common, I would argue. It’s work we do to signal to each other how customer obsessed we are, not because we want to make a different decision.
– Judd Antin (00:24:11)

It’s the same thing with usability reports. It’s not uncommon to find yourself drawn to the allure of creating long and stylish reports with all of the important insights you’ve found in your valuable work.

However, the ultimate benchmark for UX success is the effectiveness with which these insights can be implemented.

Investing excessive time in assembling and beautifying reports can distract you from your crucial objective. It’s vital to remember: the essence of your efforts should be to drive meaningful change, not to produce lengthy documents.

So. What’s a good alternative to long reports for sharing our findings?

Bite-Sized Highlight Clips

Now, picture this instead: bite-sized, Instagram-worthy clips of real users interacting with your product, their struggles and delights captured in moments that speak louder than any report could.

Enter the era of snackable content. ?

Just like bite-sized chocolates that are hard to resist, condensing your findings into easily digestible highlight clips can effortlessly increase their consumption and impact.

Think of it as the “Instagram Stories” for your user research—quick, engaging, and straight to the point.

This approach isn’t just innovative; it’s necessary. In a world where attention is the new currency, usability insights must captivate, convince, and compel action.

By transforming dry, often overlooked reports into engaging, relatable content, we not only democratize access to valuable insights but also ensure they’re impossible to ignore.

How to create Highlight Clips with Userbrain

We know that UX researchers have a hard time getting their team to engage with user testing insights. As we have been there many times ourselves, we’re now introducing our new Clips feature – designed with your user testing insights in mind!

Imagine being able to highlight a video clip of a user struggling with your checkout process and sharing it directly with your development team.

Alternatively, you might simply value the positive impacts your product is already making — where efficiency meets impact.

Set Start and End Times of your Clip

Choose the segment of the video you want to highlight by setting the start and end times. You can also write a note to accompany the clip.

Once your clip is ready, click “Save Clip.” It may take a few moments for the video file to be generated.

Share Clips with Your Team

Now you can share a clip by simply hitting the “Share” icon when hovering over the clip in the Notes & Clips tab.

Preview the clip in a new tab or change the access settings so that only users in your Userbrain team account or anyone with the link can view the clip.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually capturing and sharing feedback. With Userbrain, you can effortlessly capture and share important user insights in a seamless way.

Streamline your user testing process and empower your team with actionable feedback, all with just a few clicks instead of a 40-page usability report.

Sharing is Caring

To wrap it up, using clips will make your life easier because:

  • They save time by replacing long reports.
  • They quickly get important information to the people who need it.
  • They make it easier to see and act on what you find.
  • They help everyone understand and use your findings better.
  • They build a team that really thinks about the user.

Adding clips to your research makes everything clearer and gets things moving faster. It’s a simple change that can make a big difference.

Looking for a seamless way to enhance your user research with insightful clips? Try our clips feature for free and experience firsthand how it revolutionizes the way you gather and share user insights.

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