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Artificial Intelligence and Customer Engagement

Published March 12, 2018 ⚡ Updated on August 20, 2018 by Robin Singh
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Artificial Intelligence or AI has been well-received in every industry in the world, because of its endless potential and countless abilities. Automation software and AI can do unimaginable things for your business, and there is no saying as to where it will lead from here.

Still, the main purpose of AI in every business is to provide the customers with the most personalized customer service, giving them what they need at all times and keeping them engaged.

One of the most obvious benefits that AI offers would be the ability to provide answers to the customers at all times. Engaging in a conversation with them will give them a private experience through self-service, and AI is just the technology to improve the way you handle your customers and their demands. It all revolves around giving them what they need and when they need it.

AI is an innovative technological solution

AI is easily customizable to suit anyone’s needs. Many large companies and organizations, down to even the smallest of businesses, have found a way to utilize this technology. The more you customize the tool to better suit the needs of your customers, the more satisfied they will be.

Now, as time passes, your customers tend to change their views and needs. And this is exactly why AI is a suitable tool for your business; it can change along with the customers and their demands. All it takes are a few simple adjustments based on the current trends.

So, it’s completely safe to say that AI can improve your customer service, help you engage your customers more and provide them with a personalized service that will match their needs and give them exactly what they want at any given point in time.

Which brings us to the next point. In order to engage your customers more, you have to know them.

Know your customers

AI has an incredible power of analysis and it can give you valuable insights on how your customers engage with chatbots, which will allow you to put the bigger picture together and learn more about their needs. Chatbots are reliable, fast and easy to handle, and their accuracy and precision will keep your customers engaged enough. You can easily write off all those repetitive tasks, like answering the most frequently asked questions, and rely on your AI to do it for you.

Anticipate their needs

It is all about anticipating the needs of your customers, and you will gain leverage over your competition if you manage to do so. That’s exactly what AI will give you. Know your customers and set an intelligent business and marketing strategy by using the latest advantages that this technology has to offer.

Currently, the most widely used form of AI are chatbots. The more you make your customers engaged with chatbots, the more you will be able to anticipate their needs, which will ensure that they stay loyal to your company. Artificial Intelligence will change the complete customer experience. However, in order to completely understand and anticipate the needs of your customers, you need to define how they engage with your products and what their challenges and needs are.

Then you have to engage with them and personalize their experience. You can do that by asking them simple questions about how satisfied they are with the service and the brand. Of course, the best thing about this is that you don’t need to hire any employees to do this, you can use your live chat software to manage those tasks.

Gather as much data as possible

Keep all data in one place. Marketing, customer service and sales should be in the same department simply because you will be able to get a clear picture of how your customers feel about your brand and customer service.

It will be much easier to operate, and keeping things simple is sometimes the best possible option. The same goes for AI and how you engage customers with it in order to personalize your services. The key to personalization lays in both customer engagement and AI, that is true.

It‘s just that AI will allow you to engage with your customers on a higher level, providing you with valuable data about their demands, impressions and needs and point you in the right direction. AI will allow you to scale your actions to better fit your customer base, so that you can engage with them and make their customer experience more personalized.

If they feel that their voice matters to you, you will get the wanted results.

Image showing The Four Key Attributes of Customer Engagement - Ethical, Rational, Active, Emotional

Customer engagement

What exactly does it mean to engage with your customers? The answer is really simple – it‘s a way to provide a personalized content to the target audience in order to achieve a goal. The goal, in this case, is to make the customers interested in what you have to offer. The more interesting you make it, the better their response will be. And the way you can make it interesting is by personalizing your communication with them. And this is exactly where artificial intelligence comes into play.

Making your customers interact with chatbots is exactly how you will increase your scalability and make their customer experience more personalized. This is how you build a loyal customer base that will do everything within its power to spread the word about your brand, products and your company, simply because they are very satisfied with your customer service.

This is the whole point of customer service and why you should implement AI in your marketing and business strategies. It is the key to becoming successful and staying on top – this is a world of fierce competition and whoever has better technology will surely come out as a winner.

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