7 Emails Your E-commerce Store Needs to Send Out on an Automated Basis

Published February 26, 2018 ⚡ Updated on October 2, 2023 by Lucy Benton
7 Automated eCommerce E-Mails you should send

Emails. People have been using this communication medium for decades, but its marketing potential has been largely uncovered until now. What about you? Are you truly aware of how automated emails can fit into and optimize your marketing strategy?

The secret to their effectiveness is the opportunity to address leads directly and personalize communication. For example, one can create different triggers for a particular email to be sent to particular leads.

An example is a welcome email which is sent to a new lead to introduce your brand, ask them what kinds of messages they’d like to receive, thank them for registration, and set mailing expectations.
The benefits of emails like this are awesome.

Engage and retain

First, they help to engage and retain customers by nurturing them through providing personalized and hyper-relevant content. This is what’s great about email – there are a lot of elements you can experiment with to make the message relevant to a particular segment of the target audience.

Second, they keep brand awareness high by helping to maintain a consistent presence in inboxes of your subscribers. This increases the chance of them considering your company if they need services you provide.
Third, they save a lot of time for marketers because they are sent out automatically. Having an automated workflow allows to focus on other important tasks and avoid spending time on sending out email templates to hundreds or even thousands of addresses.

The seven essential types of emails

One of the main benefits of automated emails, personalization, entails a range of unique messages. Indeed, there are seven essential types of emails that your e-commerce store needs to send out automatically.
The purpose and features of each of these emails are described in a fresh infographic designed by marketing experts from

They also share their experience in the form of tips on what to include in each email to make it as effective as possible. Take note that the infographic is targeted to e-commerce business, so it contains useful takeaways for almost any kind of online business. And even if you’re already familiar with email marketing, you may still be able to pick up some fresh ideas.

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