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Why You Should Watch First Time Users

Published January 2, 2015 ⚡ Updated on October 2, 2023 by Stefan Rössler

There’s real value in watching people using your website for the first time. Be sure to observe unexpected behavior and instantly see what works, and what needs to be improved.

Why you should watch first time users
How IT people see users, using their app for the first time (Source: The Hipper Element)

Why first time users?

Current users of your website have learned to ignore your usability problems. They’ve already found their workarounds, and it’s hard to gain new insights by monitoring their behaviour.

If you want practical tips on how to improve your website, you should watch people using it for the first time.

Find out what people think, not just what they do

It’s good to know what people do, it’s even better to know why. Userbrain testers record their screens and voices, while they use your website for the first time. This way you’ll know exactly what they think and start to understand why they do what they are doing.

Try Userbrain now and boost your website with first-time user feedback.

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