New Feature: Dividing Your Test Instructions into Step-by-Step Tasks

Published November 19, 2019 by Andrea in User Testing
⚡ Updated on October 2, 2023

We’re happy to introduce a new feature for our  remote user testing platform Userbrain that allows you to divide your test instructions into step-by-step tasks. This makes it easier for your testers to focus on each specific task, so that you can make sure that none of your tasks is overlooked.

How to Use the Task Steps

After creating a new test you’ll come to the point where you have to write your test scenario. To create the step-by-step tasks,  you can use the “+ Task Step” button,  which creates ###TASK###, signalling  that a new step begins after this. You can also just Copy and Paste it to the locations where you want a new task to start.

How to Preview your Task

To preview how your testers see your tasks, you can click the “Preview Test” button. With the “Next Task” button, the testers can navigate through the entire test instructions. Only after clicking through every single step, can they stop recording their test.

As you can see, the new feature makes testing your products even more effective and easy. Why don’t you give it a try the next time you write your test instructions?

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