16 Killer Videos on Product Management Essentials

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⚡ Updated on October 2, 2023

Are you thinking of beginning a career in Product Management? Or just want to expand your knowledge on the subject?

Then these hand picked videos and talks will be a great beginners guide to Product Management, helping you learn what it takes to be a great PM and gain more understanding of the role.

Take a look, get inspired!

1. What skills are needed to be an effective Product Manager?

This is a talk from Google Ventures/Greylock Partners event in San Francisco featuring Johanna Wright (Google), Craig Walker (Uber), and Adam Nash (Wealthfront).

They talk about the relevant skills you need to learn to really be an effective PM, and to grow your career.

2. Differences Between Project Management & Product Management

In this really educational talk Hector Del Castillo provides information regarding the two roles that exist within a product driven organisation.

Here’s what he’ll discuss:

  1. Common challenges
  2. Common responsibilities
  3. Key differences
  4. Framework comparison
  5. Key takeaways

3. 3 Minute Product Manager: Strategic Role of Product Management

This is just one video from the 3 Minute Product Manager series, and it breaks up the work of Product Management so that you get a short but sweet overview of the strategic role of Product Management (as the title promises).

4. Agile Product Management Basics – Synerzip Webinar

Don’t be fooled by the date of this webinar (2010), because you have Rich Mironov, a product management guru, writer and a Stanford and Yale alumni, talking about:

  • What is a Product Manager?
  • Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Failure Modes and Organizational Models
  • Conclusions

5. Product guru Rich Mironov on how product managers make your business scale

Once start-ups get to 30 people or have a few big-revenue customers, lack of product management can be disastrous. Start-up veteran Rich Mironov talks us through typical symptoms for growing start-ups, what product managers/owners really do, and why they are important for scaling up.

6. Jobs to be Done: from Doubter to Believer by Sian Townsend at Front 2016

The Jobs to be Done framework was (and probably still is) a great secret—not enough companies know about it.

The really smart team at Intercom has come up with the framework, succeeded with it, and never looked back!

They are now evangelizing the framework and have even written a book on the topic, showing you case studies and examples on how to use the JTBD so that you implement and design the right product features.

This is the story of how I spent the last 2 years using a technique called Jobs to be Done (JTBD) to research and design products at a fast growing startup called Intercom. 2 years ago, I’d never even heard of JTBD and was skeptical that it was anything truly innovative. Now, everyone at Intercom is focused around JTBD. In this talk I’ll take you through what JTBD actually is and how we’ve used it to design products with great success at Intercom. Finally, I’ll share some insights about how you can get more out of the basic technique by learning from Intercom’s experiences.
– Sian Townsend, Director of Research at Intercom

7. The Secrets of Business Planning. “Product Planning in a Nutshell”

As an agile product management expert with more than 10 years experience in teaching product owners and helping companies apply Scrum to achieve business success, Roman Pichler is the perfect person to take PM advice from.

Take a look!

8. Janna Bastow – Guide to Roadmapping

In this video Janna Bastow, a product fanatic and co-founder of the biggest and coolest Product Management conference, Mind The Product, guides us through Roadmapping and takes us through different visual forms of roadmaps, explaining best practices and describing essential components.

9. 5 Psychological Principles of Persuasive Product Design by Nathalie Nahai at Mind the Product 2015

You have to understand the psychological triggers, biases & motivations that drive your customers, and in this exceptional talk from Mind the Product 2015 Nathalie Nahai, the Web Psychologist, goes through five of the most important psychological principles that underlay persuasive design online.

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10. Product Management at Internet Start-Ups

Keval Desai, an experienced entrepreneur and product manager, discusses his 20 year history in Silicon Valley, including time spent at Google and Digg, and relates his experiences in product management with mobile and internet start-ups.

11. The Art of Saying No by Mina Radhakrishnan at Mind the Product San Francisco

The fun Mina Radhakrishnan, former PM at Google and Head of Product at Uber, talks about the very important topic of defining goals and priorities and saying No to everything else.

As much as product is about shipping, building products, and launching great things into the world, invariably in order to launch some things we have to not launch other things.
– Mina Radhakrishnan

And since saying No is extremely hard, take a listen to her advice.

12. Cardinal Sins of Product Management

This is an insightful talk from Dave Wascha, the Chief Product Officer @ MOO.com

MOO has a long history of product innovation. Dave was hired to help build the product team and the product culture that takes the best of MOO’s innovative abilities and scales it into new segments, new product lines and new businesses.

In this short talk Dave will discuss the cardinal sins of product management and how he has worked to build a product culture at MOO to combat them.

13. Keynote: Melissa Perri – Lean Product Management

Melissa Perri talks about the important art of balancing customer needs with creating business value. Unfortunately many of the tools and values Product Managers have do not focus on building products our customers need, but building what they “think” customers will want.

In this talk Melissa gives us a look at traditional Product Management and shows us how we can adapt Lean processes into the role to create better products for our customers. All while using plenty of examples and real life stories.

14. The Build Trap – Melissa Perri

Again Melissa Perri talks about the mistakes Product Managers make, and how they can override them. This is an essential topic all Product creators should keep in mind so as not to make these basic mistakes.

15. Practical Advice for Agile Product Management

Learn from Atlassian Product Managers: Sherif Mansour and John Masson. In this 30 minute webinar (+ Q&A) they will cover how to:

  • Collect feedback effectively
  • Make the most of customer interviews
  • Tell a story with your release

16. The Future of Product Management

Janice Fraser is the perfect person to talk about the future of Product Management. She has been involved in IT from the time she worked at Netscape, and has 16 years of experience in the IT world.

She talks about the practice of Product Management, how the field is evolving and changing, and how you can learn from those changes so that you begin to open up opportunities for your product to succeed.

The One-stop Product Management Guide covering everything you need to know about managing products through each phase of the product lifecycle.


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