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10 of the Best Christmas Gifts for UX Designers

Published December 6, 2017 ⚡ Updated on December 23, 2020 by Markus Pirker
UX Designer Christmas Presents

Christmas is coming and everyone is running around looking for gifts. But how to present your freaky friend who is doing some weird User Experience design stuff? Don’t worry – just dig into our 10 Christmas gift suggestions for UX designers.

1. Userbrain Subscription

Userbrain - Weekly Usability Testing for your Website

  • Get it hereUserbrain
  • Price: starting at $19.00/month

If you want a great site, you have to test it. Usability experts recommend testing as early and often as possible and to do many small tests rather than a few large studies.

With a subscripton, you receive credits monthly that can be used to conduct User Tests. If the credits aren’t used in one month, they will just roll over to the next one without going to waste. We then send you your videos of people using and navigating your website on desktop and mobile devices while thinking aloud and answering your questions. With the input from potential customers/ users of your site problems and confusions that might have been missed can be fixed. All you have to do is carve out a few minutes each week to watch your videos and keep finding and fixing your site’s usability problems.

2. A book Apart, Gift card

Best gifts for UX designers - A Book Apart Gift Card

A Book Apart publishes highly detailed and meticulously edited examinations of single topics. The books are brief enough (about 100 pages) to read them out in a few hours and topics cover HTML5, CSS3, content strategy, responsive web design, and more. My favorite ones include Just Enough Research by Erika Hall and The Elements of Content Strategy by Erin Kissane.

3. UX myth posters

Best christmas gifts for UX Designers: UX myth posters

  • Get it hereBehance
  • Price: free

The UX Myths project is a project of the Hungarian user experience designer Zoltán Gócza. Alessandro Giammaria created a poster dedicated to each of the top 32 myths included in the gallery of beliefs. The best thing: You can download it for free on Behance.

4. Website Stencil Kit

Best gifts for UX designers: UI stencil kit

Brainstorm website and app ideas with ease using a Website Stencil Kit. Wireframe quickly and efficiently with the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques.

5. How User Testing Actually Works in Practice, Book

How User Testing Actually Works In Practice - Userbrain

  • Get it hereAmazon
  • Price: €12,23

A short and sweet summary of everything important surrounding User Testing. The little over 100 pages offer insights, stories and tips on how to use User Testing to your advantage. This is a great present for the UX-Desiger in your life.

6. Website UX deck

Gift for UX designers: Website Deck

  • Get it here: UXKits
  • Price: $19.00

Now you can brainstorm your website architecture – away from your computer and distractions. The deck includes 53 wireframe cards, with common page names, plus a key to find them.

7. Jawbra Solemate Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Best gifts for UX designers: Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth Speaker

There isn’t anything as annoying as bad sound quality during presentations of your usability findings. I switched to the Jawbra Solemate Speaker after one client presentation. There wasn’t a speaker in the meeting room and I had to repeat every sentence said in the videos because the internal speaker of my MacBook was too quiet.

The Jawbra speaker runs on batteries (Up to 8 hours) and you can get your sound in via Bluetooth or 3.5mm Audio cable (hidden inside the “Sole” of the speaker.). No quiet usability videos anymore. 🙂

8. Device Lab

Best gifts for designers: Device Lab Stand

UX Designers know that designing for different device types and resolutions can be laborious. The Device Lab responsive stand allows you to organize your responsive development devices in one single space and make them conveniently available.

9. Refold’s Portable Cardboard Standing Desk

Best gifts for UX designers: Refolds Portable Desk

Made in New Zealand, the $300 version of the Refold Portable Standing Desk even has a waterproof top – while being made completely out of cardboard. Be sure to send us a selfie when freelancing in 5th avenue. 🙂

10. Gift a Udemy Course

Best gifts for UX designers - Udemy course

Udemy offers awesome online courses on UX and usability topics. Keep an open eye on Udemy deals – they often reduce a course to just $10-$15. My favorite UX Udemy courses so far have been How to carry out a usability expert review by David Travis and User research: Personas, scenarios and Task Analyses by Susan Weinschenk.

11. Columbo: The complete series

Best gift for UX Designers: Columbo the Complete Series

You could call Columbo the best UX researcher of the world. He’s always asking the right questions, and he will always find a solution by the end of an episode. That’s why UX designers should get a Columbo DVD box for Christmas to learn how to do user research. 🙂

12. The Wipebook

Non-permanent surfaces have shown to increase creativity because they allow for freedom, flexibility and the modification of ideas which isn’t possible on permanent surfaces. Whether you are doing homework with your kids, or trying to learn something new, the wipebook will also allow you to make mistakes which is critical in education.

Bonus: How to get your christmas gifts for free

Sick of getting ugly sweaters, pajamas or socks for Christmas? Buy your own presents this year. Start testing for Userbrain and earn $3 for every 5-10 minute test.

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